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Foods that Keep Your Smile Healthy

Didn’t know that what you eat can affect your smile? Learn from your Kalamazoo dentist!

While it seems like a no-brainer that what we eat affects our general health and our weight, did you know that it can also affect the Foodhealth of your mouth? If you don’t often think much about what you eat then maybe it’s time that you did (for the sake of your oral health). From the office of your Kalamazoo, MI dentist, Dr. Mark Richardson, here are just some of the foods you should be adding to your diet to keep your smile looking its best:

Apples: If you can’t reach for your toothbrush during your midday break then reach for an apple. While it won’t be able to do the same job as a toothbrush, it still does a great job of cleaning teeth and removing stains. Plus, apples stimulate salivary flow, which can help wash away food particles and bacteria.

Cheese and dairy products: Dairy products contain a healthy dose of calcium, which our teeth and gums need to stay healthy. As if consuming calcium wasn’t reason enough to grab some string cheese or a glass of milk, the phosphates found in these products can also improve your mouth’s natural pH to make it a less hospitable environment for cavity-producing bacteria.

Carrots: Not only do these crunchy foods stimulate saliva (which we all know promotes a healthier and cleaner mouth) but they also contain Vitamin A, which helps the body absorb calcium better. So the next time you are looking for a smile-healthy treat, opt for some carrots and a refreshing glass of cold milk.

Green Tea: While this isn’t a food, don’t forget that what you drink can also affect your teeth. While black tea might be known to cause stains, green tea has been known to fight cavities. It even contains catechins, which can kill plaque-producing bacteria.

Kiwi: These colorful and yummy little fruits contain a boatload of Vitamin C, which is a great vitamin for keeping your gums looking and feeling their best. While we often focus our attention on our teeth, gum health is just as important. Vitamin C is known for promoting collagen production, and collagen is one of the primary components of gum tissue; therefore, eating kiwis equals healthy gums!

Take care of your smile and it will take care of you for many years to come. Whether you have questions about how to care for your teeth or you just need to schedule your next visit, turn to our Kalamazoo, MI dental office today.

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