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How To Care For Your Dentures

Find out what it takes to make sure your dentures really last.

When you’ve been dealing with an incomplete smile due to tooth loss it can feel like a major confidence boast when you finally opt for dentures. Dentures are an easy and inexpensive way to replace your missing teeth and to regain a beautiful smile.Dentures

However, now that you have your dentures from your Kalamazoo dentist, your main goal is to make sure that you treat them well so that they can last. While your dentures probably won’t last forever, there are certainly measures you can take to ensure that they last you many years.

Always Be Gentle

Even though your dentures can handle heavy chewing forces they should still be handled delicately to prevent damage. Dentures can easily break when dropped or manhandled. When you handle your dentures look out for metal clasps or other pieces that could easily bend or break. Also, before handling your dentures put down a towel so if they do drop they have something protective to land on.

Clean Dentures Daily

Sure, your dentures aren’t real teeth but they are still doing the same job as natural teeth; therefore, you need to brush and clean them everyday to remove plaque and food particles that could be trapped after mealtime. Brushing each day can also prevent stains from developing on your dentures. Opt for soft-bristled toothbrushes that won’t damage your dentures, as hard bristles can be too abrasive.

Use a Cleaning Solution

Toothpastes, bleach and other products may be too tough on your dentures; therefore, we recommend finding a denture-cleaning solution to give your dentures a safe deep clean. Look for a solution that has the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance, which promises a safe and effective way to clean dentures.

Keep Dentures Moist

If dentures dry out they tend to lose their shape. This also means not leaving your dentures in warm areas like a hot car, which can warp them. When you aren’t wearing your dentures place them in the cleaning solution to protect them and keep them healthy.

If you have any questions about properly caring for your dentures or if you are interested in finding out whether dentures are right for you, then contact your Kalamazoo dentist, Dr. Mark E. Richardson, DDS.

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