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When is it Time For a Root Canal?

root canalsA root canal is a procedure that dentists use to clean and clear infections that happen in the inner parts of a tooth (also called the pulp). Tooth infections happen because of poor oral care (tooth decay) or dental trauma, such as a sports injury. Here are a few common causes for Kalamazoo dentist Dr. Mark E. Richardson, DDS to suggest root canal therapy.

A Dental Abscess
An abscess is a problem that happens at the root of the tooth. The usual story is that the tooth goes through some form of trauma, such as being broken as an athlete is tackled in a football game. When that happens there’s a break in the enamel at the base of the tooth that allows bacteria to enter. An abscess forms and the inside layer of the tooth root becomes infected. Severe, untreated periodontal disease can also cause an abscess to develop over time.

Infected Pulp from Untreated Cavity
Another reason why some patients of Kalamazoo dentist Dr. Richardson have to get root canals is that a cavity was not properly filled. When a cavity isn’t filled, it grows wider. Bacteria and food enters the tooth, causing the pulp to become infected. A root canal is the only solution at that point. The bad pulp must be removed and the inside of the tooth has to be disinfected thoroughly.

Inflamed or Swollen Tissue
Another common cause for a root canal is when the tissue inside of the tooth becomes red, swollen and inflamed. Inflammation is when a nerve comes in contact with some form of tooth decay beneath the gums, which causes the pulp to become sensitive and irritated. Over time it can become a painful problem that needs to be resolved by removing the pulp of the tooth.

Schedule a Checkup with Dr. Richardson Today
The purpose of a root canal is to save your tooth. The sooner you have it done, the better the results. If you’re concerned about a case of tooth pain, schedule a checkup visit with Kalamazoo dentist Dr. Richardson. Dial his office at (269) 343-6907 or visit https://www.smilekalamazoo.com and click the “Appointment Request” button for assistance.

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