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Dental Outreach in Honduras

Honduras Dental Outreach
During the last week in October 2014, I went to Honduras for a medical mission through an organization called the Luke Society.  This organization has a clinic in Gracias, Honduras which is very well established.  Their daily routine has proven to be efficient and effective.  Ministry work is divided into four areas:  medical and dental clinic, evangelism and church planting, economic development, and community health.

  I was a part of the dental team which went to nearby villages to serve those people with dental needs.  Usually their teeth were extracted due to infection, decay, or periodontal disease.  Some teeth were restored with tooth-colored fillings if practical.  Mainly children and women were treated due to the fact that the men were out of the village working in the fields. We saw almost 400 dental patients during the week. Overall, around 1250 people were treated. 

  Our medical team consisted of dentists, physicians, nurses, and supporting helpers.  As we entered the villages many people were waiting for us.  Some of the people

Honduras dental outreachhad to walk for hours to get to the village we visited.  We also had a pharmacy set up so ones who need medicine could receive it at the time of the visit.  After the dental visit, the patient would receive toothbrush, toothpaste, pain med ( if extraction performed), and a toy.  Usually a beanie baby of some sort, or a bouncy ball.  The children were especially excited to receive a toy since most of them never get any type of gift. All of the Honduran people were so thankful. 

   My overall experience was excellent. I went there to serve others, but really I was the one blessed by these people.  Giving is one of my spiritual gifts and I plan to use it many more years to come.  I plan on going to Honduras as much as possible in the future and hope to bring family members with me. If you are interested in attending a trip like this please contact me. You won’t regret it….it will change your life!!

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