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Clear Correct- Invisible Braces


At Mark E. Richardson, DDS we offer non-traditional Invisible Braces called Clear Correct. These braces would be for the patient who desires straighter and whiter teeth, which will promote a greater self-confidence and self-esteem. Clear braces would be for the individual who "forgot" or who did not have enough time to wear a retainer after the first treatment during the teenage years, or for the adult who didn't get or want traditional braces growing up. Clear braces are just that...clear and invisible. Most treatments take about one year, depending on how extensive the case is. During that time there are visits to me every 6 weeks where new trays are given to you to further the movement of your teeth.

After completion of the treatment, a complimentary 1 hour in-office bleaching session is given to my patients and a take home version is also given to complete the bleaching treatment. This is my appreciation gift to my patients for their business. You will love your new smile!

Call our office today at 269-343-6907 to set up your FREE evaluation appointment. We can't wait to see your beautiful, straight smile! Let the Smiles Begin!

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